Best 10 Taxi App Development Companies & Developers in India & USA 2022 [Review]

Taxi app development

Looking for a car booking app? or booking a cab for a meeting, or to your house, for an outing, or any need, in general, is now a simple process. All thanks to the Taxi app development companies, for booking a cab all you need to do is open an app, enter your current location, your destination and confirm the ride, there comes your cab. With so many payment gateways integrated paying for the ride is also a very simple process.

With the introduction of taxi booking applications, transport business owners in particular those in the taxi (hire-go, carpool, rental, shuttle) business are showing a massive demand to build an app like Uber that will make your rides just simple.

This has provided a boost to the growth of taxi booking app production firms. They support taxi owners have apps with beautiful applications that make traveling quicker and simpler for their customers across the globe.

Since the introduction of Uber and Lyft, we have seen a spike in the number of taxi app developers around the globe. So it’s hard to make a decision when you hear of designing applications like Uber and Lyft. Factors such as as-

· Which is the best company to develop a taxi app?

· Which company has the best designs and UI experience?

· 24*7 technical support

We know it’s a daunting task to choose and employ taxi app developers from a bunch of firms. So we thought to narrow the search and save some valuable time of yours.

taxi app solution by Lilac

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Here is our list of the best 10 taxi app development companies☞

  1. Lilac Infotech
Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech is a team of highly experienced designers and developers, who have outstanding professional skills and expertise in the implementation of the new technological specifications. They also develop a broad pool of expertise in providing strategies that fulfill the requirements and budget of our clients.

They have come up with a taxi booking app called 🚗‘CABTURE’ 🚕with exquisite features, like live tracking of the cab, entering a new destination in between a ride, adding more than one spot. Lilac specializes in high-quality architecture and is dedicated to providing advanced market innovations to every sector in which it interacts.

2. Enuke Software

Enuke Software

Enuke Software are one of the leading taxi app development companies that have made the taxi booking process easy and convenient for the business, the business owners, the riders, and the drivers. They help to develop great taxi booking apps for all platforms — Web, Android, iOS, and Windows. With the advent of smartphones, people are turning towards an app for every need; this has hit the taxi business majorly. The taxi app that Enuke software provides allows the owners to keep a complete check on the business. A taxi app can make the business as well as the customer’s experience easier by hitting a major chunk of the audience with a user-friendly app.

3. Appypie


Appypie is one of the fastest-growing app creators in the world, delivering an outstanding app for building a taxi booking app via Uber Clone’s iOS and Android scripts. The technology they have created operates in real-time and has secured mobile payment and guarantees payment for the registration of drivers can be taken care of automatically. Two smartphone devices come with taxi booking apps, such as the Uber Passenger App for Booking and Monitoring Cabs and the Uber Driver App.

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4. TagMyTaxi by NDOT Technologies

NDOT Technologies

TagMyTaxi is a radical taxi resolution from NDOT Technologies. They have critically examined the taxi business in-depth and made sure their app overwhelms the challenges faced by the taxi business. The developers have started a taxi booking platform with great attractive features. They know that building apps like Uber and Lyft are difficult tasks, but they have made it very easy with their taxi booking app. TagMyTaxi delivers an excellent app for your taxi business.

5. Space-O-Technologies


If you’re looking for someone who can make an app like Uber, Space-O-Technologies can be your comprehensive solution. Space-O has created a Uber-like taxi dispatch application that has been technologically improved and enhanced with features. This taxi booking software creation framework was developed using resources such as taxi tracking and booking, as well as mobile request approval functionality intended for drivers.

It is life and has developed the entire experience of taking a taxi and going to your desired destination. This enterprise specializes in great design and is committed to delivering a state-of-the-art business solution to any industry with which it works.

You can also read a quick cost of taxi app development guide that we have developed for those who are looking for taxi app like Uber

6. Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech

Taxi applications like Uber have taken a fresh look with Mobisoft Infotech. They are a software development firm offering great services. They work with grubbing companies and companies of all sizes to develop, enhance, and scale goods through all networks, by using an interconnected range of innovative technologies.

They have a robust taxi product creation approach that helps taxi business owners to increase their ROI by developing an app like Uber. Their taxi tech developers have developed native iOS & Android taxi/cab booking applications with all of the main features and instinctive UI features. This is a comprehensive product introduction to the respective app stores, with specific complex pricing demands, for all kinds of taxi operators.

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7. Peerbits


Peerbits is one of the leading mobile app production firms with a holistic mission of delivering creative mobility-as-a-service solutions. They have several solutions, such as on-demand, healthcare, fintech, and mostly in the transport sector. Develop and build iOS and Android smartphone apps for logistics and on-demand taxi companies to allow owners to experience clear and real-time organizational discernibility through freight, warehouse, and transport management. This taxi app production company makes it easy to launch on-demand applications for a limo, cab, bus, carpool, etc.

8. TaxiStartup


Taxistartup is a one-of-its-kind limo and taxi app development company. They only think about technology because it makes them produce stable, secure, and lightning-fast goods. More than 200+ companies have begun to raise sales with their taxi app solution.

This taxi booking software Creation Company has released a range of dispatch, smartphone, and online booking tools to start a taxi-booking network or enable the taxi or limo fleet and the new mobility-as-a-service operations.



MTOAG has been in operation for the last 7 years and has emerged as one of the biggest players in the industry. They have cost-effective, customer-friendly solutions. Mtoag provides an iOS and Android smartphone branded taxi app that is easy to use and customizable to suit your business needs, thereby doubling your business scope.

The Taxi Booking Software Creation Platform also runs a driver app that lets you keep track of business without manual labor. Their Uber-like applications make it easy to connect between the user app and the driver app, which is monitored by the taxi app production site, making it the leading on-demand taxi app for drivers and users.

10. Innofied Solution

Innofied Solution, established in 2012, is an award-winning online and mobile app development company that offers innovative products and services to different clients across six prominent industries-Transport, Wellness, Education, On-Demand, Banking, Entertainment, and Mcommerce. They have shipped over 450+ good applications to 120+ clients.

Transport is the main forte of Innofied and they launched their journey as a taxi app business in 2016.

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Summing up

We know these are not the only ten taxi development companies that build applications like Uber. There are plenty of them, and the list just doesn’t stop here. We are going to leave it open and refresh it from time to time to reveal the leaders of the top 10 markets.

Do you need to develop a Taxi app for your Taxi business? Calculate the price quickly with us.



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