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The usual method of purchasing medications goes something like this: you acquire a prescription, go to your local drugstore, and discover that it is not available. Then you go to another pharmacy and run into the same problem. As a result, as you go farther and farther, the likelihood of your medication being available appears to grow. But that’s not how math works. So you leave the prescription at home, and your dose of medicine becomes a distant memory. What a heartbreaking image!

Here’s another option: Online Drugstore

1.Take a photo of the prescription and upload it to the drugstore app (or search for your medicine directly)
2.Locate your medications, read about them, and place them in your shopping basket.
3.Place your order and make your payment.
4.Before your items are delivered, a pharmacologist or specialist will inspect them for authentic and safe medications.
5.Ding, ding, ding! It’s the pharmacist.
That is the convenience we were promised with the advent of the internet!
But wait, which online pharmacy should you choose? There are at least a dozen! We’ll tell you. Here is a list of the top ten e-pharmacies in India. These are evaluated based on numerous variables, including Google Play Store rating, user interface, responsiveness, delivery time, membership advantages, and savings. Please read the descriptions to learn what makes each one special.


1mg was sure to be on this list after being named one of the finest ‘Made in India’ applications by Apple in 2014. 1mg, like the other applications, allows you to buy medications, schedule lab testing, and consult doctors. However, there are additional benefits that make 1 mg worth a shot. For starters, you may look for medical information, obtain recommendations and professional assistance, and get your questions and concerns addressed. Second, whenever you search for a medication, you will be presented with other brands and costs. You may save a lot of money this way when purchasing your medications.


Practo, founded in 2008, is a one-stop shop for all of your medical requirements. The app allows you to arrange appointments with doctors near you, order medications, purchase health insurance, and speak with a doctor online. Practo differs from most other e-pharmacies in that it allows you to consult specialists in over 25 disciplines. The software is simple to use. You may either book your consultation for later or begin it immediately within 2 minutes. When it comes to ordering drugs, Practo like app has over 50,000 medicines and health goods in stock and can deliver them in less than two hours.

Apollo 247

Apollo Pharmacy has been supplying authentic medications around the clock through 24-hour pharmacies for over 32 years. With Apollo 24/7, they hope to make drug purchasing more convenient. With over 3,500 shops under its belt, Apollo makes shipping pharmaceuticals a snap. This is why, in certain places, they may even be delivered within an hour! Some additional perks of ordering using the Apollo 247 app include Apollo Health Credits (points earned every time you place an order), Symptom Checker, Digitized Health Records, Doctor Consultations, and Diagnostic Tests. You can also consult a pharmacologist regarding medication interactions before placing an order.


PharmEasy, founded in 2015, is a relatively new app in the e-pharmacy industry. However, for PharmEasy, recognized for its sophisticated UI and refreshing in-app experience, this is not a negative. The firm delivers over 22,000 pin codes across 1,200 cities, which puts it ahead of most other applications. In addition to delivering your medications to your door, PharmEasy provides services such as arranging lab tests, collecting drug information, and ordering medical equipment.
Beyond this rating, shopping via the app is preferable. Pharmeasy’s brand value and savings make it the #1 pick among all medication applications in India.

MedPlus Mart

MedPlus Mart is one of the most reviewed, downloaded, and highly rated medical apps. With the tap of a finger, you may get medications and other over-the-counter health goods. With MedPlus, you can set up a pill reminder; print your bills whenever you want, manage all of your health records in one place, and learn about medications, side effects, alternatives, and more. The software offers an innovative UI that is simple to use. This is most likely why it sees over 3,50,000 clients every day. However, it might also be due to its rewards program, FlexiRewards. Another feature that distinguishes MedPlus is that it is just for ordering medications and healthcare supplies.


SastaSundar, founded in 2013, is an all-in-one wellness app that offers free delivery on all of its items. The app believes in offering authentic, consistent, convenient, and inexpensive healthcare. This is why it is not uncommon to come across nice deals on SastaSundar from time to time. Aside from conventional medications, SastaSundar is one of the few apps that allows you to purchase generic medications. It also reduces uncertainty from generic pharmaceuticals by offering correct medical information, administration directions, and cautions. Three distinct aspects distinguish the app. For starters, it employs AI to display content and goods that are relevant to you. It includes health-related articles in English, Hindi, and Bengali that you may read or listen to.


Netmeds is the ideal destination to receive convenient and economical access to daily drugs. The app’s distinguishing feature is that it sends you timely reminders to replenish your medications. This way, you may order with a single click while also avoiding missing doses before ordering the following batch.

Aside from pharmaceuticals, the app provides a wide selection of health goods, such as vitamins, workout supplements, herbal products, and beauty care products. In addition, you may save money by entering a Netmeds discount code during the payment checkout process while purchasing medical equipment and tablets online.


Phable is intended to be more than just a medical app. It is intended to be your intelligent caregiver’s companion. The app is a godsend for patients suffering from lifestyle disorders since it keeps them in touch with their doctors throughout the day. Fitbit, Accu-check, Omron, and other fitness/health monitors can be synced to Phable. As a result, anytime there are troubling signs, your doctor will be notified immediately. The app instantly maintains all of your health information and ensures that individuals with lifestyle diseases receive the ongoing treatment they require. Yes, you may order medications on Phable at steep savings. You may also set up medical reminders for your dosage.


With the BookMeds app, the medication given by the doctor can be obtained from anywhere and at any time. The app helps you to buy different drugs like surgery products, orthopedics, mother and child nursing, medical tools, nutritional supplies, protein supplements, sports products, etc. The app’s key advantage is that pill reminders can be scheduled. You never fail to take medication on time, hence. For elderly adults, this feature is particularly beneficial. You will get your medicines delivered in 4 hours, and the best part is there is no additional charge for cash on delivery.


The online order of drugs is a BrownPacket breeze. Your prescription must be uploaded and the correct shipping information is given. Within 2–48 hours from the order placement, your prescribed medicines are delivered to you. Up to 22% off on the medications will be enormous savings. The app is currently available in Bengaluru, Patna, and Delhi with some attractive discounts and promotions, and lots of regular customers. BrownPacket works with area pharmacies and requests for pharmacies to enter the network in improving revenues.


Ordinary folks will benefit greatly from the ability to order drugs through the app. The new era of digital progress is a blessing. This capability has been a boon to Indian residents. Following significant reductions to its customers, the online pharmaceutical purchasing firm has achieved great earnings. Patients like the ability to place online purchases for pharmaceuticals rather than having to rush to the pharmacy and transfer from one store to another in search of the greatest medical treatment.
Many pharmacies now survive on online medication applications. Your prescription order app can also help you find a list of top-rated online pharmacies. You may request a one-stage technique to propel the pharmaceutical firm to new heights of success. It offers a higher quality pharmaceutical purchasing experience with its guaranteed 24-hour distribution system. With COD, net banking, and card payment options, the payment services are excellent for a large number of customers. If you want to create a mobile app, simply contact a mobile app development business and they will provide you with an appropriate answer.



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