10 Best Food App Development Companies in India 2021

It doesn’t matter much to have a restaurant nowadays, but the restaurant owner’s top priority is still to connect with customers from nearby locations. Both, shopping online and ordering food, are now simple for consumers; every restaurant is keen on listing to retain customers and earn a better income for their restaurant. In the center of popular food ordering applications such as Zomato, UberEats, GrubHub, Deliveroo, Just Feed, DoorDash made it so much easier for consumers to use their preferred dish in less time inside the top of the platform and applying a coupon code.

Why do online marketplaces for food ordering still work?

It’s difficult to cook after returning especially to the city & its surroundings with the busy day-to-day routine of working professionals. In order to handle the busy lifestyle you have instantly created food ordering apps that give you fast, reliable, and guaranteed help for any food you want.

You must also have Zomato and Grub Centre to fill up an immediate appetite and in no time like Ola or Uber to hire cabs & TaskRabbit for search technicians.

Must-have features in online restaurant/food ordering apps:

You need to seek ways to accomplish main consumer functionalities in your ordering app as a restaurant owner or as a food joint owner that will inspire customers to shop using your app. Let’s take a thorough look:

Menu Management

Give access to your menu for your clients. Provide with your analysis information of each dish. Encourage your clients with picturesque food pictures. Classify food images so that consumers are smart in selecting their orders. the highest available display of the food categories.

Discounts & Deals

Place daily sales or exclusive discounts on the clients, and allow them to buy frequently. Your mobile restaurant app features exclusive offers/offers/seasonal discounts/happy hours and more for your clients.

Loyalty Program

Induce the recurring orders and satisfaction of your clients. Send a special discount to your loyal customers to allow them easily to repeat orders. Customers can check and refund these bids at the loyalty points. You should change the Loyalty package and the shop owner can disable or activate this option as necessary.


Reward your clients with fabulous discounts and offers as your brand ambassadors. By recommending the app to friends and families, consumers may use bills, earn points or mobilize grocery sales. At the time of your next purchase, you will redeem these deals.


The use of a single on-demand food delivery app to operate all channels has streamlined life. Stock and personnel administration options are easy to use. You can save time by loading up the product on a single component of the multi-location facility and it is instantly updated everywhere.

We have picked a list of the top ten food ordering product development companies so that your trustworthy online shopping app development partner can be quickly identified:

1. EngineerBabu

EngineerBabu was established 5 years ago and is headquartered in the cleanest city of India, India. He has a talented team of highly trained engineers, programmers, and strategists. The goods are produced and operated by expert developers, who are also responsible for Google by the Angular, the Cuban language, and so forth. In addition to offering leading solutions for mobile app growth, EngineerBabu is a well-established player in the development of food ordering applications that can work with hungry consumers in a very short time to get delicious food on their plates.

The business allows diverse start-ups to find success in the market. In order to consider the needs of start-up founders, the engineers are often helpful to integrate the recommended consumer functions into the production of their food-ordering applications. For different restaurants and food joints, Engineer Babu designs creative and custom applications for food ordering. It offers a special interface for a customer not only to have a good experience with feedback, feedback, and customer chat channels — an interactive aspect that helps the customer to have a feeling of achievement at the restaurant that they order.

Link: https://engineerbabu.com/hire-mobile-app-developers

2. Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech began as a team of two passionate young people and now we provide the people who trusted in them around the world with exciting user experiences through technology. As engineering professionals, they build technologies that make it simple and smooth. They have highly trained engineers with great technological expertise and an understanding of the implementation of current computing specifications. It has built up a vast information pool that we use to offer solutions that satisfy consumer criteria, needs, and budgets. In having consumers at the forefront of everything they do, they are proud to serve their first company customer.

Link: https://lilacinfotech.com/products/lilac-foodmine

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3. Indglobal

Indglobal is the leading IT Company in India for the production of food ordering applications. Your highly experienced technical staffs is still there to create the most successful smartphone app to order food for consumers. It provides a wide variety of IOS, Android, Windows platform food ordering applications and develops custom apps capable of fulfilling individual customer’s demands. A broad variety of online items, including an on-line shopping app portal, have been created by the company. The business offers a network that effortlessly connects consumers and the restaurant to create the best food ordering smartphone app and handles and handles orders properly. Companies require high quality food ordering software for the fastest possible fulfilment of orders. The company develops a wide range of online portals to include the portal for online food orders. The business offers a forum for seamless communication between consumers and the restaurant to make the best food buying smartphone app, and for order fulfilment and administration. The firms require high quality food ordering systems to provide the fastest order delivery.

Link : https://indglobal.in/best-mobile-app-development-india/

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4. WeDigTech

WeDigTech was established in 2008. It is one of India’s leading smartphone app makers. The business seeks to broaden its horizons in a manner that combines emerging developments and technology to deliver holistic solutions. WeDigTech is also one of the production companies for the mobile food ordering app that aims at offering the companies rich functionality and personalized food distribution solution. MISRII, the WeDigTech Indian Handmade Food Group, is an independent food supply application that brings together hundreds of chefs to offer the most delicious food in a more comfortable and user friendly way to their consumers.

Link : http://www.wedigtech.com/

5. Explore IT Solutions

Browse through Pvt IT solutions. Ltd is one of the leading foodstuffs application development companies in India offering state-of-the-art, easily adaptable software solutions. The company works with its mobile app development team, which works closely to understand and provide ultimate solutions for its clients’ needs.

Link : https://www.exploreitsolutions.com/

6. Enuke Software

Enuke Software is a leading food ordering app developing company that offers the mobile application for companies to order interactive and interactive custom foods. The app is developed in partnership with restaurants, food joints and food aggregators, to unite on a common platform, where customers can easily find them, in order for their particular cuisine, location and budget to satisfy their taste buds. The company’s expert web developers develop food ordering applications in a more interactive and attractive manner that offers maximum chances for customers to visit such applications. They have knowledge in the development of food ordering

Link : https://www.enukesoftware.com

7. Peerbits

Four like-minded technocrats introduced Peerbits seven years ago. As the best smartphone app business in Gujarat, Peerbits was nominated for GESIA by 2015. The company has a team of talented engineers dedicated to work excellently to provide its customers with the complete ease of food ordering solutions.

In order to keep food available to its visitors on schedule, the organization streamlines the food distribution system with the food ordering app for the restaurant industry. Peerbits also have intelligent UIs to ease order receipt, sorting and serving operations. It also provides an advanced framework for the attachment of all orders to a wide display. It allows corporations to raise their sales and profits to a scalable degree.


8. Space O’Technologies

Space O’Technologies , Rakesh Patel was established in July 2010 as one of India’s leading developers of mobile apps. There are over 140 engineers at state-of-the-art production centres in the United States, India and Canada, working on mobile technology. The organization is committed to leading the creativity vessel to provide mobile applications that address business and its customers’ real-life problems. Highly qualified research teams from Space O’Technologies are committed to create and design native food ordering applications for both Android and iOS. For the food supply sectors, the organization has developed more than 40 on-demand solutions.

Link : https://www.spaceotechnologies.com/

9. Mindnotix Technologies

Mindnotix Technologies was developed by a three-member team in 2012, by Sathish Kumar Settu. Settu started a new product, “Foodroid — A complete solution of the restaurant, in conjunction with the development of the mobile app in 2013. More than 350 applications in the United States, Great Britain, and the Middle East have collaborated for the company around the world. The organization has a vigorous Food Ordering Software Creation team that links foodies to their favourite custom-made restaurants. Munchbox is the food-ordering application, which can be supplied by the organization to its clients on their journey.

Link : https://www.mindnotix.com/

10. DevTechnosys

DevTechnosys is a professionally experienced web/mobility software firm with a history of supplying a range of food companies with personalized web/mobility app development solutions. At DevTechnosys, the organization provides the resources and technologies that help you remain industry-leading through increased consumer scope. The business helps you better with resources such as logistics, inventory control, loyalty, suggestions, purchasing requests, distribution, ratings, and reviews.

Link : https://devtechnosys.com/


In order to successfully launch into the market, entrepreneurs that are trying to grow Grocery-oriented applications should categorically prepare their food supply model and their budget. Proper plans and risk capital financing will allow the company's dreams to hit the highest number of customers at your location successfully. Your company will effectively handle your finances and please your customers better with the right analytical methods and restaurant management framework. Due to the huge growth potential of the food-processing industry, many food start-ups today developed distinctive food arrangement plans which demonstrate just the exemplary achievement of the online food-ordering industry and are now a huge success. With this in mind, well-known Indian construction companies such as Engineer Babu still retain their market priorities associated with any restaurant company and food company aspirations. The organization ensures that all restaurant and food joints are fully prepared with food-ordering applications on request that allow their existence and the scalable stream of sales and benefit to be reached to their local communities.



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